New Zealand UX Designers are Among the Best-paid in the World

New Zealand UX Designers are Among the Best-paid in the World

New Zealand has the fourth highest salary in the world for designers in tech with an average UX salary of $73,480, according to a recent survey by UX Designer Salaries.
The survey which measured the average salaries of 1109 UX designers from 70 countries was based on international GDP data as a comparison metric between nations.
According to the site, the average average UX salary across the 70 countries was $58,188 with Switzerland leading the way with the highest average being $103,955.
New Zealand followed closely behind the United States ($90,528) and Israel ($78,962) with earnings reaching almost $80,000 after 12 years of experience.
UX designers, who are responsible for how people interact and engage with a product through websites, services and apps, are critical to tech companies as they understand the importance of design and code.
The discipline also includes experience architects who utilise ‘sophisticated research tools such as eye-tracking and behavioural analysis to help companies understand intricate details of modern consumer behaviour'.
Here’s a list of the top ten highest paying countries for UX designers.




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